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5 Off Meta Decks to Play at Family Gatherings on the Holidays

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If you're one of those who open Runeterra to play while you're at that boring family reunion on the holidays, but there's no deck right now that looks interesting, your problems are over. In this article, I'll show you 5 off meta lists that are extremely fun to spend time on the ranked queue!

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We're in Runeterra's off season, and, because players aren't training for the Runeterra Open or some other big tournament, the game tends to get a bit stale, particularly on the ranked queue.

For this reason, I come to bring you joy by introducing you to 5 off meta lists that are extremely fun, so you can test them out while you celebrate the end of the year with your family!

So, if you're one of those people who get a bit lonely during the holidays and open Runeterra to play a ranked match, but don't have any decks that look fun, this article is for you.


However, keep in mind that these lists aren't meta, and don't have any numbers on any data platforms - the idea is to have fun with them and play crazy combos. Additionally, some of these lists are for the Standard format, and others for the Eternal format, in case you like Eternal more.

Immortal Keg Bibi

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This Mischievous Marai, more commonly known as Bibi, and Divine Judgment combo is a bit old, but it's still very fresh. The idea behind this combo is surviving the match until you have at your disposal a Mischievous Marai, a Divine Judgment and countless low-cost spells from your deck.

When you play Divine Judgment on a Powder Keg, it can't die during that turn, which allows you to play spells like Warning Shot without popping the stacked Kegs on the board.

Take advantage of Barknuckles as much as you can so you can stack coins. Like so, you'll have mana enough to make this combo happen.

Don't forget to hoard the Slipstreams created by Nilah in your hand. This card only costs 1 mana, and, besides stacking your Kegs, it will help you draw a card that might be necessary to finish your combo.

Mirror Mage

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This list is incredibly crazy, and was popularized by one of the brightest community deck builders: Cephalopod.

This deck is based around surviving until you can play Sugary Snare. To achieve this, you'll have at your disposal several removal tools that clear the board, like Avalanche and Ice Shard.

Throughout the game, you'll create Poros to build your board, and some Poro Snaxs to go with them. As soon as you can finally play your Sugary Snare, you'll bring to your board a Mirror Mage because it is the only unit in your deck.

Once your Mirror Mage enters the board, all your created cards are copied as soon as they're played. This includes Poros and Poro Snaxs. Like so, you'll have gigantic Poros and practically infinite value in your match.

Janna Teemo Glorious Evolution

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Glorious Evolution is the star of this list.

We are all used to Janna lists, the ones in which you draw many cards, and all of them are discounted. But this one is entirely different because you'll draw basically your entire deck.

The idea is playing Glorious Evolution with The Swindler's Den, because then you'll apply a global discount of -1 mana to all your cards while you draw others when you play cards on the board.

The interesting thing about this combo is that Counterfeit Copies costs 1 mana, and, with Glorious Evolution's effect, it will cost 0. This means you may have an infinite deck, and draw cards infinitely, if you keep playing Counterfeit Copies copying other Counterfeit Copies in your hand. It is that simple.

Keep in mind that any unit you'll play will have Augment due to Glorious Evolution's global effect, and, as all cards are considered created cards, after playing Glorious Evolution, in theory, you also potentially have infinite attack points on all units on your board.


Obviously, it is an extremely difficult list to pilot, but it is one of the most satisfying combos in all of Runeterra.

Veigar Mordekaiser

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So far, we've only talked about infinite combos and crazy decks. Let's collect ourselves a bit and discuss a list more geared towards control.

Veigar Mordekaiser is the new trend right now because the cards from Veigar's archetype really match Mordekaiser's reviving effect. It isn't brain surgery to play this list: just keep reviving Stilted Robemaker to lower the cost of your Darknesses, and also revive Ixtali Sentinel to keep creating more and more Darknesses in your hand.

Apart from this, it is a usual Mordekaiser list, in which you'll gradually dominate the early game with your cheap units and Shadow Isles removals.

Personally, I consider Veigar to be one of the most fun champions to play in all of Runeterra because of his lines, and seeing that, after a long time, we finally have a playable list with him is very gratifying.

Neeko Elder Dragon

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Do you like animals? This is your portable zoo deck, because with this list, you'll play nearly every single unit type in the entire game. It has been scientifically proven that you don't need to bring spells in Elder Dragon decks, considering the Elite lists that bring this champion and don't have any spells were a success. This deck is almost like that: you'll only swap Elites for Neeko, which is a thousand-times more fun.

This list was popularized by our dear Sarah Marie, which has proved it is possible to play Sefirsa, Scourge of the Deep, and Captain Indari, two cards that are considered to be horrible by the community, and still win.

For those who doubted Neeko's power (me included), this champion starred in one of the best lists of the World Championship this year, and almost made it all the way to the end of this tournament in its Freljord version alongside Gnar. So, why not combine the two most fun champions in the entire game, which are also extremely competitive, in a single list?

This deck is incredibly easy to pilot because the interactions between the cards themselves are extremely basic. You'll basically be playing your units, and buffing their stats: at one point or another you'll have a gigantic board with units filled with keywords that are ready to beat your opponent's Nexus into a pulp.

Final Words

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If you've read this far, I wish you happy holidays and lots of fun this season, and I hope you have enjoyed my off meta suggestions.

Don't forget to share this article on social media. See you next time!