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LoR Patch 4.2: Variety set brings 10 new cards and surprise nerfs & buffs!

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Patch 4.2 brings in a surprise gift for LoR players! Riven and Domination are buffed and there are 10 new cards, one for each region, including an Elite card for Demacia and a powerful champion-summoning card for Shurima! Check out here all the details.

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Patch 4.2 has been announced! As per the schedule, Legends of Runeterra was first set to have a balance patch, then a variety patch, and a full expansion at each month, and we started off 2023 with a balance patch, back at the beginning of February!

A Variety patch was described as a mid-season snack for players, to keep things interesting while the full on expansion isn't released. It would contain a few new cards, at the very least 10, one for each region, and maybe some balance changes, the game's Devs stated.


But, for the first Variety patch, as it is called, the Devs decided to be graceful and brought a total of 12 changes to cards that are already in the game!

Let's take a look at the new cards, first:

New Cards


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Demacia got a strong new addition for all those who hate the Elusive keyword. This Elite bear only costs 3 mana and is a 4/4.

Bandle City

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Despite its cute name, this yordle will be removing lots of annoying units with its skill, as it "Deals damage equal to its power to a unit". It is originally a 4 cost 2/2.


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Another Marai arrives to the family! This incredible 5-mana 3/4 addition states: "When you play a spell, summon a Powder Keg.". Fleet Admiral Shelly synergy, anyone?


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This new Ionia card called "Serene Sky-Singer" may be a bit expensive, at 7 mana and a 3/6 body, but besides having Lifesteal, it reduces the cost of the spells in your deck by HALF, rounded up, when it is summoned.


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This Freljordian spell grants you one mana gem for 4 mana, but if you're enlightened, it costs 1 and draws 1 instead.

Shadow Isles

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Shadow Isles got its very own version of the Avarosan Sentry. This card has a simple effect and a simple stat line: 2 mana 2/1, and its Last Breath makes you draw a card.


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"Skulking String-Puller", has an interesting effect, but might need setup. This 6-mana 3/6 card states, "Grow other attacking allies' power to mine this round".


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This targon card, a 3 mana 2/3, will buff allies in hand by +1/+1 every time you play a spell! Maybe now Bard Targon can see the light of day.


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This Shurima card, despite its below-average stats at 6 mana 4/4, has a powerful effect.

"Round Start: Deal 4 to me. Draw a Champion, or if your deck started with 6+ champions, summon it instead."


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This 6 cost card for PnZ is a buff to any 6-cost card archetypes: It draws 2 and refills your spell mana.

Balance Changes

As we have said, besides the new cards, the new Patch also surprised all with 12 balance changes, which is more changes than some past balance-focused patches have had.

Let's check them out:


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Riven's text now states she "levels once you've made the Blade of Exile", which means she will be able to level up in the deck. Previous text was "when I've seen the Blade (...)".


Silverwing Vanguard

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This Demacia units now states "When I'm played, instead of when I'm summoned".


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For the Evelynn archetype, this Husk creating card is now a 4 mana 3/3 with Scout and states: "When I'm summoned, summon a Husk" and "When you summon a 1 cost ally, grant the strongest enemy vulnerable."


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Perhaps the most wild of changes, the card Domination is now a 2/2, and no longer is a 2/1, making it tougher to remove.

Bandle Painter

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This card now not only reduces the cost of the multi-region card it creates by 1, but it also got a Piltover&Zaun multiregion, so it can be played in other decks as well.


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This landmark used to say "Refill 1 mana and grant the equipment summoned +1/+0", and now states "Refill 2 mana" for every equipment equipped.

Wraith of Echoes

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This one is simple: it is now 5 mana.

Vaults of Helia

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This one has also gone down a mana cost, and is now 4 mana.

Reveler's Feast

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Onto the nerfs, this Aggro card was nerfed to Focus speed.


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Atrocity, the iconic Shadow Isles card, is now Slow speed.

Rahvun, Daylight's Spear

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Rahvun was a bit too strong in Kayle Leona decks, and it is now a 5/5 instead of a 5/6.

Wandering Shepherd

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A must-addition in any Targon/Equipment decks, this unit is now a 2/1. It lost 1 health point.

Final Words

These were all the new cards and balance changes in LoR's Patch 4.2! What are you most interested in?