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Quiz: From which Runeterra Region are you?

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Answer a few questions and find out which Runeterra region fits you the most!

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Runeterra is a vast place, with many regions, each with their own characteristics and peculiarities.

With this quick test you'll see which region fits you the most.

Which is your favorite skin line?

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Star GuardiansCorrect symbol

K/DACorrect symbol

ProjectCorrect symbol

Dark StarCorrect symbol

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What is your favorite season of the year?

SpringCorrect symbol

WinterCorrect symbol

SummerCorrect symbol

FallCorrect symbol

Which do you consider your biggest flaw?

ArroganceCorrect symbol

Too NervousCorrect symbol

Antisocial TendenciesCorrect symbol

Too PassiveCorrect symbol

Which Lane do you prefer?

Top. You play passively, just making the necessary plays, waiting the best time to go after the enemy.Correct symbol

Mid. Everytime it's possible, you try to poke some damage to your enemy, even more so because you'll be at the advantage if they have less health.Correct symbol

Jungle. Controlling the overall game, your objective is to call out the best and worst plays based on your positioning.Correct symbol

Bot. You prefer to play with company – it is always best to have someone to help you deal damage.Correct symbol

If you could choose a Runeterra race, which would you choose?

Vastayas. They have animal traits and are always magical.Correct symbol

Yordles. Beings that are considered pure magic, they usually are small and furry and always have something on their head.Correct symbol

Human. Well, you are a human that could have magic or not.Correct symbol

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Darkin. Either you are a demon or share the body with a demon or have a demon in your weapon, well, you get it, demons.Correct symbol

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When you are very sad, you prefer:

Eat yummy food to forget the problem.Correct symbol

Stay alone in your bedroom, reading or watching TV to escape reality the best you can.Correct symbol

Go out with friends and family to cool down your head.Correct symbol

Sleep.Correct symbol

Question image

When a new champion is about to be launched, you get more excited about...

Champion's lore.Correct symbol

If the champion is strong or not.Correct symbol

Appearance, how they are gonna look like and the upcoming skins.Correct symbol

You don't care about new champions, you are a 'mono' 'deck' player ever since you started playing.Correct symbol

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If you are witness to what looks like an injustice, what do you do?

Nothing, I'm only a witness, and don't need to get involved.Correct symbol

Right away, I'll defend the one who looks like they were wronged.Correct symbol

I try to hear both sides before really drawing a conclusion.Correct symbol

Call the police, or some authority who can really solve it.Correct symbol

Question image

When someone who wronged you asks for your help, you...

Help out, because you must always be kind.Correct symbol

Don't help, because the person doesn't deserve it.Correct symbol

Put into balance and compare what the person asked to how much they wronged you.Correct symbol

Don't help and, if possible, go out of your way to wrong to them too. They have to feel what you felt.Correct symbol