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Ahri: 5 decks to use and climb with in Legends of Runeterra's Ranked Queue!

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In this article you will find 5 consistent decks with Magic Misadventures' expansion most versatile champion. Check it out!

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Ahri has always been a popular and loved champion in League of Legends and in Legends of Runeterra she couldn't be different: she arrived with plenty of cosmetics and a very fun mechanic, which made this little fox show up in many decks, all very powerful.

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I've brought 5 decklists which have different approaches, but the same idea: return your units, focus on attacks and hold out games till you get to the famous OTK (One Turn Kill, that is, a lethal play in one turn). However, the different region combinations present in these decks bring particularities to each composition and that is what I'll be focusing on in their explanations.


Ahri / Kennen with Go Hard

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This deck has 3 copies of the spell Go Hard, which helps regain health and create a second win condition: Pack Your Bags. The spell deals five damage to all enemies (including the Nexus), can clean out an opponent's board and complete with the damage points left to end games.

To buy the spells, there's the presence of Scattered Pod, which buys spells at your choice. As Go Hard is the only slow spell of this deck, by choosing to buy a slow spell, he will always come to your hand.

Besides that, in round 10 the Pod becomes an elusive unit, which poses a bigger threat to the adversary, who will have to work to deal with so many elusive units attacking directly their Nexus.

Ahri / Kennen with Golden Aegis

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When Ahrilink outside website levels up, when she attacks, she will always trade places with the ally to her right and return it to your hand, till she reaches the end of units. As returned allies are discounted their cost by 1 and in the deck there are many low cost allies, such as Dancing Droplet, Navori Conspirator and Shadow Assassin, they can come back again to the board and there will still be mana left to use the key card in this version: Golden Aegis. This Demacia spell that gives you an attack token will catch the opponent off guard and guarantee many victories!

Ahri / Fizz

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The differential from this deck is Fizz, which after the use of any spell becomes elusive and brings more elusive aggression to your board, and some key Bandlecity cards, such as Otterpus and Conchologist, which can be returned by attacking alongside Ahri and generate more spells and Prank when returning to the board.

The pranks help a lot, because they give out information on the opponent's hands and can also disrupt a lot, increasing the cost of essential cards to them.

Besides that, the card Flamespitter increases Ahri's attack and also gives the keyword Impact to the champion, making her attacks even more powerful.

Ahri / Akshan

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In this Shurima's version, Ahri works very well with Akshan and the landmarks this champion creates: Warlord's Palace and Warlord's Hoard. Returning and invoking Akshan again on board, the landmarks conclude their countdowns rapidly and make possible a series of plays, such as giving Spellshield to your champions, buying cards, among others.

Besides that, when Akshan or Ahri level up, it is possible to use another card that is key to this deck: The Absolver. If one Ahri attacking once with overwhelm is already hard to deal with, imagine an Ahri attacking till six times in one turn? That's right, leveled Ahri's mechanic alongside this Shuriman two cost spell besides surprising, is fatal.

Ahri / Lulu

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Unlike the other decks presented, which focus on returning units, hold out games and work on your OTK, this will be aggressive from start to finish.


The return mechanic is still here, she is used a lot by Ahri alongside Flame Chompers!, which besides removing the units you'd like, brings back the chompers to your hand and makes available the activation of cards such as Poro Cannon, Zaunite Urchin and Sump Dredger. The idea here then is to establish extensive and strong boards and prepare powerful attacks.

Also, that is why Lulu is here. The buff that this champion gives to the champion or unit chosen makes you deal a lot of damage in your attacks, since most of the time, the enemy's blocks will be pulled by your chompers. In the end, there is still Get Excited! and Mystic Shot to bring an end to your games with more ease.


These are only a few of the decks that Ahri shows up in, since she is the protagonist of many others and each day there is a new strategy with her.

But what about you? Which Ahri decks do you play? Did you know the ones I've brought? If not, which of them were you most interested in to test out? Tell me all about it in the comment section!