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Quiz: Which Targon champion suits you the most?

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Answer 10 questions and find out which LoR Targon champion is most like you!

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переведено Joey Sticks

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рассмотрено Tabata Marques

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Mount Targon is the most fearsome mountain in all of Runeterra, and it is a place full of legends, celestial beings and aspects. Those who try to get to Targon's Peak go through a series of trials, which only the strong survive. The ones who survive and come back, return with empty eyes, haunted. Others go through a transformation, and become Aspects of supernatural power, beyond humanity, and carry a destiny few mortals can understand.

Currently in LoR, there are 11 champions in this region: Aphelios, Aurelion Sol, Diana, Kayle, Leona, Malphite, Pantheon, Soraka, Taric, Yuumi and Zoe.


It's time to find out which of these champions is most like you! These 10 questions I prepared for you will solve this mystery!

Have fun!

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What is the best place to take your romantic interest on the first date?

A candlelit dinner at my houseCorrect symbol

A skating rink with 80s dance music!!Correct symbol

D-date? I'm way too shy for that...Correct symbol

Why should I be the one to take my romantic interest out? They have to ask me and have to be very INTERESTING to make me go out.Correct symbol

Pick a color:

Answer image

PurpleCorrect symbol

Answer image

BlueCorrect symbol

Answer image

YellowCorrect symbol

Answer image

RedCorrect symbol

What is your best trait?

EmpathyCorrect symbol

CharismaCorrect symbol

DeterminationCorrect symbol

WisdomCorrect symbol

And your worst trait?

ArroganceCorrect symbol

IntoleranceCorrect symbol

StubbornnessCorrect symbol

ManipulationCorrect symbol

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How do you deal with cheating?

I become a resentful personCorrect symbol

I think of the best way to get revengeCorrect symbol

I give the person who betrayed me a second chance, after all, everybody makes mistakes.Correct symbol

I cry non-stopCorrect symbol

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For you, in game emotes are...?

A waste of timeCorrect symbol

I don't know, I always mute my opponentsCorrect symbol

Well, they are a way to greet your opponent, right?Correct symbol

It is a way of getting in your opponents' heads and dealing emotional damage to themCorrect symbol

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Pick a LoR guardian:

Answer image

Von YippCorrect symbol

Answer image

ChipCorrect symbol

Answer image

AstraCorrect symbol

Answer image

CosmoCorrect symbol

Which of these books would you buy solely on the cover alone?

Answer image

1984, by George OrwellCorrect symbol

Answer image

Beautiful Wedding, by Jamie McGuireCorrect symbol

Answer image

Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis CarrollCorrect symbol

Answer image

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, by Benjamin Alire SáenzCorrect symbol

You go to the movies and these are the only movies available. Which do you pick to watch?

Answer image

Titanic: 25 AnniversaryCorrect symbol

Answer image

Everything Everywhere All At OnceCorrect symbol

Answer image

Puss in Boots 2: The Last WishCorrect symbol

Answer image

Avatar: The Way of WaterCorrect symbol

To finish, pick a Yuumi meme:

Answer image

Strong, confident YuumiCorrect symbol

Answer image

Everybody Hates YuumiCorrect symbol

Answer image

Death Note YuumiCorrect symbol

Answer image

Sadge YuumiCorrect symbol