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Deck Tech: No Champion Burn - Budget and Competitive

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The No Champion Burn Deck is the cheapest competitive deck in the game. Fast and aggressive, it's also very easy to improve in the future.

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translated by Pedro Fernandes

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revised by Tabata Marques

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Why play with no Champion Burn

No Champion Burn is an Aggro deck that will proactively deal 20 direct damage to the Nexus in a few turns. The focus is to destroy the opponent's nexus as quickly as possible.

Let's think of this deck as a budget and powerful deck that can be upgraded with champions in the future, so it's an excellent choice to be your first deck in the game or even if you're looking for something new and don't have a lot of resources right now.

If you look at the win rate of decks with the region combination Piltover & Zaun + Noxus, they are very interesting and there is a nice variety to explore in the future.


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Deck Overview

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For the strategy to work, we count on 9 1-cost units and 12 2-cost units, to make sure we can apply a lot of pressure in combat in the first turns and finish with burns — which the deck takes ONLY 16, in addition to units that generate burns like Used Cask Salesman and Imperial Demolitionist.

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Used Cask Salesman is another card that has a wonderful impact on the game.

He is basically a Drop 3 that adds 3 blockers to the board. Remembering that the casks, in addition to being able to be used to block, it is also possible to use them as a target for Imperial Demolitionist and Noxian Fervor.


The deck has 24 units.

Let's see all parts of the mana curve.

Curve 1

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Precious Pet is the hardest card to deal damage, as it's a 2/1 with no effect other than Fearsome. However, some decks don't have good blockers, so this little spider will be able to do 2 damage each fight.

Legion Rearguard is the aggro card that is in all decks. For only 1 mana, you have access to a powerful attacker with 2 health points, which most of the time will grant you an advantageous attack. In later turns, it's still a decent card for helping to extend the board, and if it's blocked, it'll still be doing 3 damage to your blocker, which honestly is enough to eliminate any enemy from those lower curves.

Its big flaw is not being able to block. But honestly, blocking in an aggro deck? Unnecessary!

Legion Saboteur is a killjoy card. Like your friend Legion Rear, it will be threatening to deal 3 damage to your opponent's nexus. The advantage is that if it is blocked, it will still deal 1 damage to the Nexus with its ability.

Remember, it can be used as a blocker on defense turns, but you are the aggressor here. The idea is to block only if absolutely necessary. Try to keep it alive on the board, to keep passing that 1 damage on every attack turn.

Curve 2

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Here's the bulk of the deck, I'll go through them faster.

Ballistic Bot is very good when dropped early as it doesn't stop growing and the Ignition generated is 1 guaranteed damage per round. Try to keep him alive at the board, but don't lose aggression by being afraid to attack with him. Sometimes he does 2 or 3 more damage in a crowded attack by small creatures.

Imperial Demolitionist is ok, good numbers, does two burn damage, and then serves to block, as its job is done at the moment it is played.

Beware of quick removals: if the unit Demolitionist targeted dies, your ability doesn't resolve and you lose your precious 2 burn.

Boomcrew Rookie is literally the Legion Saboteur. It just costs 2.

Legion Grenadier is a very flexible 2 cost. It blocks well, as it burns when it dies, and it also attacks very well.


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Yes, our only 3 drop from the deck. It's the last boss of the outskirt. For 3 mana you get a 3/2. But not only that!

You get 2 Caustic Casks free of charge that deal 1 damage when they die. I.e., pressure on the board, good targets for the effects of Imperial Demolitionist or Noxian Fervor and that's THREE BLOCKERS in 1 card.


This is where the magic happens (yes, that's the joke). All of your spells, except for Noxian Fervor, will be used PROACTIVELY.

I.e., you will not wait for an action from your opponent to use them. Calculate the mana and throw it in your opponent's face mercilessly.

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Noxian Fervor is a very important card, because any healing can really hurt your game plan.

Since it deals 3 damage to an allied unit to deal 3 damage to anything, using it reactively is very important. Knowing that the heals will come from fast/slow spells or life steal units, it is possible to respond to them. It can be very useful to take out your own block or your blocked attacker, as well, preventing the enemy from gaining life.

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Mulligan and MindSet

The deck has one objective: To reduce the opponent's health as quickly as possible.

The most effective way to do this is to keep the aggressive units on hand and take out the Burns.

In more advanced stages of the game, it is difficult to deal damage in combat, because the opponent has had time to put up their barriers, and as the deck is full of burns, it is very easy for you to buy them eventually.

Favorable Matches

I'll mention a few decks that are popular in the current meta and suffer a lot from No Champion Burn. But superficially speaking, the deck does well against decks that have a hard time healing.

Mono Shurima

This match is usually pretty easy, the deck doesn't have heals and it's a very slow list.

The List is not aggressive in the beginning, being possible to win with a frank headbutt. Xerath and Desert Naturalist are your main enemies.

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Be very careful when casting Decimate, if the opponent has more than 4 mana he can use Shurima's counterspell, Rite of Negation.

Caitlyn Ezreal

Deck doesn't heal and doesn't put pressure on the board, but it will respond to everything you put on the board.

Every unit will die. Here it is interesting to keep units with a lot of health on hand, such as Legion Rearguard, Ballistic Bot, Boomcrew Rookie.

Although Imperial Demolitionist has 3 health, it hurts one of your units and Cait/EZ it's full with removals for injured units, so it's pretty risky.


Deck has several units with good numbers to aggressive. But since you are the aggressor, the scouts are forced to block and lose the main part of the deck, which is units on the board.

Used Cask Salesman is good in this match. 3 mana, 3 blockers is enough to destroy the explosive turns with For Demacia! that the scouts propose.



I honestly hate this list with all my forces!

Pantheon and friends get beaten up a lot for this kind of aggressive deck, due to the delay in putting units on the table and the amount of resource that is put in only 1 unit. That way, a board full of small aggressors is more than enough to decimate the Pantheon from existence.

Unfavorable Matches

Good removals and cures are going to be your nightmare — I'll list some of them for you.

Viktor Aphelios

With the news on both champions, his deck came with everything. In addition to having Targon heals, heals on BOTH CHAMPIONS.

The deck has good removals and can steal a match, with some weird plays with Viktor and thousands of keywords.

Trundle Tryndamere

Better known as Feel The Rush or Troll K-poper.

This deck is packed with heals and good removals. The match is almost impossible, you have to take advantage of the fact that the cures are expensive and aggressive with everything in the beginning.

Be very careful with Avalanche and Blighted Ravine, and know how to read the moment you can't play around them anymore. There are times when you will only have 1 round to win the game, so throw everything on the table, and if the opponent has the answer, we only go to the next game with our heads held high.

Gangplank Miss Fortune

This deck gives me a bad taste in my mouth, because besides being an aggro it is much slower than us.

Aggro VS Aggro, whoever has more value wins and has a lot of cards that bring that to the table, like Gangplank himself.

Play as fast as you can, as the opponent doesn't heal and has no removals, after round 5-6 it starts to get pretty unfavorable.


As I said at the beginning, this is the best deck in my opinion to start with. In addition to very cheap, it evolves into great other versions.

Can we call it Eevee Deck?

In the current version we can add Teemo in place of Precious Pet. It's a 1 drop with evasion, and will end up doing a similar effect. Basically it's less damage in the beginning, but he can do damage in later turns and has the mushroom bonus.

Riven Viktor

This version is for those who like to work with Ballistic Bot.

The deck is loaded with card spawns, and cards with upgrades glow. You aggressive a lot more for a lot less.

Draven Rumble

This version is for those who like big risk and big reward.

Rumble is a machine, and with a spell shield it is very difficult to interact with, which will win you MANY games.

Draven Jinx

This one is for the nostalgic. The list is still good, not as good as it used to be, but it's pretty interesting and stay tuned that Riot has promised a JINX Arcane skin.

Final Considerations

Piltover and Zaun + Noxus have had their place within Runeterra since the beginning. I love this combo and how it varies from Aggro to Control.

The list is Budget and can evolve into a MEGA DECK when you have the resources.

If you have any questions, just say it here in the comments!

Your captain is saying goodbye here and until the next article.