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LoR: Champions that need Reworks and what could be Altered in them

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In April, there will be adjustments in the game's forgotten champions, and this article lists the possible candidates, speculating the changes.

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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Introduction – Understanding the context

Currently in Legends of Runeterra, there are 84 champions and it is clear that, with that big of a number, some don't see much play and others have very outdated mechanics – which made sense at the game's launch, but today they no longer work at all.

With that in mind and with the confirmation that just now in April there will come reworks to old LoR champions, I've composed a list with the champions from the Foundations Set from the game, which need adjustments the most, and I've suggested the changes that can be done.


Thanks goes to Joeysticks, Lutexana and mostly SEJUmilde, which gave me great suggestions for changes in certain champions, which I was able to use in the drafting of this article.

Now, without further ado, let's go to the list:


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With the arrival of many sentinels in LoR, Lucian, who is also a Sentinel of Light, became extremely offset and cut off from conversing with their mechanic. Among the changes that can be made, the first is him gaining +2+1 every time you Slay a unit with a spell. That would make him similar to other Sentinels in the game.

The level-up condition would change from "I've seen 4+ allies or an allied Senna die" to "I've seen you Slay 4+ units or an allied Senna die". He would remain with double attack, but would lose the rally each round at the first time an ally dies.

As the idea for this new Lucian would be to work with Senna and the Sentinels, in a control-focused deck, the champion spell would change from Relentless Pursuit to a new spell, which could be an aoe removal, based on this Champion's LoL ultimate, called The Culling.

Besides that, Lucian would gain a new ability when leveled: At the first time I die, rally. Allies have double attack this round. This ability would make more sense with Lucian's story, in which he always puts himself in front of others to protect them. Him benefitting allies with his death is quite coherent with the character's lore and would put a bit of pressure on control decks, but not all the time, as the current Lucian does.


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Garen is so forgotten and dated that it is actually hard to suggest any improvements to him, but I would like him to gain more grandeur and become a beefier unit, which is really scary, such as a fed Garen in LoL. With that, I believe the addition of the key-word overwhelm might benefit this champion. Besides that, he could have his ultimate from LoL adapted to his leveled form, and begin executing units which are damaged when he's attacking.


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When we talk about reworks in LoR, the first name that comes to mind is Katarina, and of course I've thought about a series of changes that can be done to this champion. Firstly, I believe it would be interesting to make Death Lotus become something closer to the champion, just like Love Tap is Miss Fortune's signature ingame, so I suggest the creation of an ability token when Katarina is attacking. This token would deal 1 damage to all enemies and when leveled, the damage would be increased to 2. The creation of this token wouldn't change a thing in the Death Lotus spell, which would continue to be the champion's spell, but it would give a new face to this ability, which is the most remembered when we think of this champion's kit from other Riot's games.

To level up, Katarina would need to slay 5+ units, be it by her own strike or with the token the champion generates. If she is slain, but has already killed 3 units, when a new Katarina enters play, the count will continue from 3, so she would be similar to Pyke, which levels up globally, with the damage gathered from all Pykes.


And the rallies? Are they gonna be there? Of course they will. This new Kat, unlike the current one, rallies everytime she slains a unit (be it striking or through her ability). With that, rallies would be more frequent and Katarina would become a threat that needs to be removed as soon as possible.

Oh, and I haven't mentioned, but it is obvious she would not generate a fleeting Blade's Edge when summoned in her initial form, because that is just a bad joke from Riot.


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Yasuo is another one that the community always asks for changes, with hope that he will begin to see play. For him, I thought about two changes that would be very significant and make him more efficient at what he does.

First: he would start to stun the weakest enemy when attacking. I think it is quite odd he works with the stun mechanic and returns and does not do either one or the other, so, it would be a very interesting change for this champion.

The second thing would be for him to have Spellshield, since in LoL, both his passive and his ability Wind Wall offer protections for the champion, which make him immune to certain attacks. With the addition of this shield, he would lose a life point and become a 4/3, after all, I am a very fair person, right?


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For Kalista, it would be interesting that the spear stacking mechanic be implemented, which is quite iconic from her LoL kit, but doesn't exist in LoR. This way, Kalista would throw a spear at the enemy Nexus with each dead ally and when it reaches 3, besides her leveling up, she would 'pull' these spears and cause 3 damage to the enemy Nexus.

Her mechanic would remain when she levels and her current ability, of bringing the strongest dead ally back, ephemeral and linked to her also, but with the difference that it would now affect champions too, that is: any ally returns, but the preference would be to the strongest always. Besides that, Kalista would have Quick Attack instead of Fearsome.


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Ashe's case is a small adjustment, instead of a proper rework. Riot has already buffed this champion recently and it was very good for her, however, the champion remains with a big problem, which is being vulnerable when she is attacking. 3 Life is very low and any combat is bad for her.

As she needs to attack to freeze enemies, gaining Quick Attack would make these attacks easier. Besides that, Crystal Arrow which she generates when she levels, could be at least focused, right? And could be generated on hand instead of on top of the deck.

Anivia, Karma and the Enlightened mechanic

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The problem here isn't even Anivia or Karma and instead the Enlightened mechanic. Riot itself has talked about it and said they don't want LoR games lasting for too much time, so a way to balance this would be the inclusion of mana spell for the Enlightened count and for this to not be so unbalanced, with so many forms of ramping, Enlightened could increase from 10 mana to 12.


So, in theory, you'll be Enlightened at round 9 (if you're stacked on mana spell). The one turn decrease can even seem irrelevant, but I'm sure it would make these champions a lot better. Oh, and another thing that can be changed in Karma is one life point, for her to become a 4/4 unit. This would make it so she can be summoned earlier, to generate her value.


So, did you like the changes I've suggested in the article? Did you think there's a champion missing from the talk? If you could change a champion, which would it be? And what would you change in them? Tell me all about it in the comment section!