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2022: Speculating about which will be the next LoR champions!

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I've gathered all known signs and information about the possible upcoming LoR champions!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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When Bandlecity came to LoR, the game devs said that would be the last region and from then on there wouldn't be any more big expansions and instead, sporadic releases. It was exactly what happened: Worldwalker brought only 4 champions (Jhin,Annie,Bard and Illaoi) and Forces From Beyond brought 3 (Evelynn,Kai'Sa and Gwen).

Even though the format has changed, LoR always released one champion for each region and that is what has been going on, however there was something new: alongside these champions, came neutral champions, which are the Runeterra champions. Due to this new mechanic, the champions for each region are coming slowly, so, so far there were only champions for Noxus (Annie), Bilgewater (Illaoi), Shadow Isles (Gwen) and Shurima (Kai'Sa).


Like so, in this article, I will theorize about which will be the champions that will come to other regions and also bring out some that I believe can also be coming as Runeterra champions.



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Most yordles have already come to LoR! The only ones left are Kled, Vex, and Corki. There's also Amumu, but as of today we still don't know if he is a yordle or a child, so I will only consider the others I've quoted.

As Kled is quite attached to Noxus and Vex to Shadow Isles, there's only Corki left, though he has a connection to Piltover&Zaun, I believe he will be pure Bandlecity, just like Tristana.



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Sona's adoptive father, Barret Buvelle, is in the game since the Empires of the Ascended expansion. He shows up in the cards Honored Lord and Battlefield Prowess. Recently, in Forces From Beyond, he showed up in another card: Royal Decree. And Sona herself has appeared in a relic from the game mode Path of the Champions (below image)! Like so, I think it is very likely that this champion might be Demacia's next addition.

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Ornn has been referenced in LoR for some time now. The first reference was with the card Fabled Poro, which is literally Ornn in the Poro version.

Recently, with the arrival of Udyr, came the Ram Stance, which is also a direct reference to Ornn. In some moments Udyr even quotes the champion when you use this spell! With so many signs, it would be at least weird that Ornn is once again delayed and another champion comes in his place, so I think he is Freljord's next.


Master Yi

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This one is already confirmed! They found Master Yi's name in the game's files, so he must be already close to arriving in LoR. Another sign that already indicated this arrival is the card Dragon Ambush, which arrived with Worldwalker and in its art there is the figure of a guy names Dragon Master which looks a lot like Master Yi, so I believe that this is a preview from his followers.



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It's a matter of time till all KDA members come to LoR, so I believe Seraphine will be the next one from the group to be released in the game. Big Bad Bear, which is known to be a leak specialist, has also said Seraphine is almost here, so I take my chances in saying she is Piltover&Zaun's next champion!



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Kayle and Morgana have a connection to Demacia and Targon, but as I'm already putting Sona in Demacia, I've decided to leave Morgana in Targon (Because I believe she fits this region more) and Kayle in Runeterra.


It would be weird to come only one of these champions, as they are twins and their stories is interconnected, so I believe they will come in the same LoR Expansion and as they don't usually release more than one champion to the game's known regions, I risk saying Kayle will come as Runeterra native and Morgana as a Targon native.


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Neeko is from Ixtal, but this region won't come to the game, so its champions will be put in other regions. All the concept behind Neeko fits the Runeterra's champions mechanics, so it's almost sure she will come as a Runeterra champion to LoR.

Recently, alongside Sona's Path of the Champion relic, there also came one that makes a reference to Neeko (image below), so I believe pretty soon she will come to the game.

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Bel'veth or Kassadin

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The Void came in strong to LoR with Kai'Sa, and nothing fairer than Bel'veth or Kassadin to come too, right? I think it's more likely that Bel'veth will come, as she acts as a villain to Kai'Sa, but I confess that I would find it interesting to see Kassadin and his interactions with Kai'Sa. This one I will be going in blind, so don't take it for granted, ok? These are just guesses.

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Targon's champions are already over, so there's only Kayle and Morgana, who are originally from Targon (but afterwards move to Demacia), but I visualize them fitting Runeterra better. However, I've decided to put Morgana in Targon because I think her mechanic fits Targon better, and since this region has run out of champions, some will have to come here and she can be this region's next champion!

Final Thoughts

These were the champions that I believe can be very close to coming to LoR! Which of them are you most excited about? Is there any I haven't listed here that you just can't wait to play? Tell me all about it in the comment section!