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Getting to Know the Wildfire Combo Deck: A New Infinite Combo

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A new expansion has barely started, and we already have an infinite combo list! Today we'll discuss how the new deck, Wildfire combo, works, and also give you a gift to play in ranked queue at the end!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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We're only on Day 1 of the new expansion, Fates Voyage: Onward, and we already have an infinite combo deck which can deal emotional damage to many people.

Today, we'll discuss the combo of Wildfire with The Swindler's Den + Crimson Banquet Hall. This deck allows you to win the game on turn 6, if you have all its combo pieces. And if you don't win, if you're alive on turn 7, you'll certainly finish the match then.


Let's see how this list works.

Infinite Combo: Wildfire and The Swindler's Den

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A while ago, at the beginning of The Heart of the Huntress expansion, the card Crimson Banquet Hall was released into the game. This is a landmark which everyone expected to bring a real threat to the Eternal format in Twisted Fate lists.

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But this card flopped, and wasn't a part of any competitive list, neither in Runeterra Opens nor the ranked queue. Now, with the arrival of the set Fates Voyage: Onward, this card has finally found its pair: the spell Wildfire.

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Wildfire is one of the new Elemental spells which apparently is here to support Burn archetypes in Annie lists, but this card first appeared in this infinite combo list - and the community isn't joking around.

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The deck mainly consists of several cheap units which have Attune, the two landmarks which are part of the combo, and obviously Wildfire. Just have on board 1 The Swindler's Den and 2 Crimson Banquet Hall, and you're set to win the game. Now all units you play cost 0, and they recover spell mana through Attune, allowing you to always have resources to play your Wildfire whenever possible.

Wildfire's additional damage effect increases by 1 the damage this card deals to the Nexus - for each other Wildfire you've played in the match. That means, if you play 6 Wildfire, you deal 21 points of damage to the enemy Nexus.

Remember it is possible that your opponent will heal while you combo with the deck, as all your actions are slow speed. If your opponent has the attack token, as well, they might prepare a very strong offensive.

The main weakness of this combo is that, as Crimson Banquet Hall deals damage to your units, regardless of the unit you play, if you have 2 Halls on board, all of them die as soon as you play them. That gives your opponent an opening to develop anything they want, and, if they have the attack token, you won't be able to block. Other than that, you win the match every time.

Another weak spot is the possibility of you not drawing the combo pieces. As a result, I recommend you always send back all your cards when you mulligan in case none of the landmarks appears in your initial hand.

Competitive Version of the Wildfire Combo

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If you've tested this infinite combo deck and were disappointed by it, don't be sad. The deck really isn't that strong, and it seems the stars need to align perfectly so that everything works in your favor. With a meta filled with cards that destroy landmarks, it is hard to have your combo pieces on the board at all times.

But you won't leave this article empty-handed, as here is the version of this list which doesn't win in 1 turn, but it does win more games - Janna Samira "Zevi Wildfire Combo". The right way to play Wildfire.


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This deck is being played and upgraded by one of the best deckbuilders in the entire game, Brazilian player 4LW, who won one of the old seasonal tournaments. 4LW is destroying the ranked queue with this list. Look at this player's win rate:

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This deck benefits from better interactions with Wildfire, such as Evil Imperfectionist, which copies your Wildfires, and reduces their cost to 0 in your deck. We also have Chief Mechanist Zevi, which creates fleeting copies of the cards you draw. If you draw Wildfire with its cost reduced, the copies Zevi creates will also have their cost reduced.

Speaking of cost reduction, we have Janna here, the newest Runeterra queen, which also reduces costs - not only of your Wildfires, but also of your whole deck, to make your combo even easier to accomplish.

The list can build a very good board presence with Samira, unlike the infinite combo list, and can also defend itself better against strong enemy attacks.

Leave your opinion in the comment section if you'd like to see a more in-depth guide of this Janna Samira "Zevi Wildfire Combo" list, as there is the possibility that this list will become a proper meta deck and start appearing in tournaments and the ranked queue.

Final Words

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This shorter article presenting a deck that is popping up in the meta is a test to see if you guys enjoy reading quick articles like these. Leave your opinion down below in the comment section if you prefer more detailed and in-depth articles teaching you how to play these lists, or if you prefer these shorter, brief articles just presenting the decks.

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