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LoR: Get to Know All Guardians and Their In-Game Cards!

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We decided to list down every guardian that also has their own card in Runeterra. After we were told by Riot that they wouldn't release any guardians any time soon, I thought there was nothing more fair than celebrating these lil' dudes that cheer for us so much during our matches!

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Since the last patch that introduced new guardians was not so long ago, I decided to bring you some trivia about them: all guardians that have their own cards in LoR!

Guardians are our animated friends who stay at the left-bottom corner of our board, and cheer for us anytime we play something. Most of them are cards we can play in Runeterra itself, so I decided to bring all of them to you, considering Riot decided they would not release any more guardians for the foreseeable future.


Who knows, maybe if we honor them by remembering them, we can give them some extra love, and then Riot will be tempted to release them again.

Let's see all the guardians that are also represented on Runeterra cards!

Stella - Cosmic Youngling

Personality: Cuddly.

Likes: Soaring.

Description: A Beacon of hope for weary travelers.

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Powder Monkey

Personality: Cheeky.

Hobby: Hot Potato.

Description: Hanging out with this one is a blast.

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Ellie - Startled Stomper

Personality: Clumsy.

Best friend: Zoe.

Description: Can we address the magical floating elephant in the room?

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Von Yipp - Nyandroid

Personality: Supervillain.

Evolution: Glorious.

Description: Science isn't about why - it's about why not.

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Personality: Grounded.

Best Friend: Malphite.

Description: The most popular companion for legends with allergies.

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Scaled Snapper

Personality: Timid.

Diet: Herbivore.

Description: There's so much world out there! Snappers go when they're ready.

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Personality: Eager.

Trait: Rechargeable.


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Baley - She Who Wanders

Personality: Innocent.

Hobby: Staring contests.

Description: The most adorable omen of death you'll ever see.

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Puffcap Pup

Personality: Trusty.

Loves: Rolling in mud.

Description: "Bark woof" means this pup's reporting for duty!

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Gloomtooh - Shark Chariot

Personality: "D o p e y".

Hobby: Chariot Racing.

Description: Most sharks don't breathe air. This shark doesn't breathe at all.

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Silverwing - Silverwing Vanguard

Personality: Earnest.

Likes: Courage.

Description: These chirps are cheers for you. And justice. Always for justice.

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Friendly Faeling - Tasty Faefolk

Personality: Affable.

Loves: Treats.

Description: This faeling is friend, not food.

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Personality: Protective.

Eats: Honey Chili.

Description: Have you seen my bear, Tibbers? - Annie.

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Astra - Sparklefly

Personality: Gentle.

Hobby: Floriculture.

Description: Where Astra flies, the night blooms.

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Cosmo - The Messenger

Personality: Loyal.

Hobby: Chasing stars.

Description: Who's the best Celestial? You are! Yes, you are!

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Hextech Poro - Prototype Porobot

Personality: Breathless.

Hobby: Relaxing in the furnace.

Description: A pipin' hot poro, fresh from the smithy!

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Gromp Jr - Giga Gromp

Personality: Jittery.

Hobby: Inflation.

Description: It hop while you bop.

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Personality: Calm.

Origin: Ionian rivers.

Description: A smooth surface hides a swift current.

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Blue Minion - Minion

Personality: Envious.

Hobby: Cosplay.

Description: Best friends can come from either side of the battlefield.

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Personality: Joyful.

Loves: You.

Description: Poros are found all over Runeterra, but they mostly want to be found next to you.

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Final Words

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If you read this far, thank you!

Don't forget to share. See you next time!