6 Decks to Play from the Darkin Saga: World Ender Expansion!

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6 Decks to Play from the Darkin Saga: World Ender Expansion!

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In this article I bring decks with the new champions that are coming to LoR: Aatrox, Kayle and Ryze!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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The Darkin Saga will finally be concluded in LoR. The World Ender Expansion comes to the game on December 7th and with it, 3 new very awaited champions by the community: Aatrox, Kayle and Ryze.

In this article I gathered 2 decks with each champion and I will explain the idea of each one of them, so that when the expansion comes to the game, you already know what to do. As this is an article focused on the decks themselves, I won't focus so much on the champions' mechanics, but recently there was a very complete articlelink outside website in which there are explanations of the mechanics and stories of the characters.


Without further ado, check out the decks:

Aatrox Decks

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Aatrox Vayne

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This is an upgrade to a deck that already was bringing in results, Kayn Vayne. However, Aatrox brings more value to the deck, as every time he strikes (or is summoned), he heals your Nexus 2 health. Besides that, he creates in your hand the spell World Ender, which costs 13 and has its cost reduced every time an Equipped or Darkin ally attacked during the match. By using this spell, all allies equipped with Darkin weapons transform themselves into the Darkin in their weapons and if they are Darkin champions, they level up.

Like so, Aatrox has synergy with Vayne, which works well with units that use equipment and mostly because of Tumble, which allows equipped allies to do free attacks. With that, the cost of World Ender will become very accessible and will be able to wreak a lot of havoc in the match.

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This deck has many units which are used in Vayne's deck and some Darkin equipment, including the new and excellent The Darkin Fan. As Darkin equipment is very important to Aatrox, you can alter the list and add more equipment and remove some units. To finish, there are 3 copies of the new spell Roar of Icathia, which summons 2 Icathian Mirages already equipped with equipment from your hand.

Aatrox Akshan

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This list brings Aatrox to Shurima accompanied by Akshan in a partnership, which does very well with equipment, as they make this champion's landmark countdown tick down.

The idea of this deck is to win with huge units that have the keyword Overwhelm and can deal as much damage as possible to the enemy Nexus.

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Besides Aatrox himself who has Overwhelm in his leveled form, this deck brings copies of The Absolver and also Xolaani the Bloodweaver, as another great option as game finisher.

Kayle Decks

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Kayle Poppy

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I know most players will go for the idea of uniting Kayle and Gwen, but I wanted to think outside the box and bring decks I think are more fun to play.

The first option I brought was Poppy Kayle. As Kayle's followers have low powers, Poppy can increase all of their powers during attacks and this way, it will make Kayle level pretty quickly.

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With this deck, it is quite easy to make both of your champions level up and together they will be a lot of work, sharing power to your board and declaring attacks more and more dangerous each time.

Besides great units, this list has new spells which are quite strong, such as Divine Judgment and Champions' Strength.

Kayle Bardo

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Another Kayle option I've brought is with Bard, because he is also great at buffing allies. Even after being nerfed, I believe he still can cause a lot of impact, mostly because Kayle brings with her ways of buffing your allies, be it directly or indirectly with her followers and spells.


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Both champions have a lot of synergy and this deck has everything to be quite annoying to face, especially because of Targon, which gives access to many great spells such as Hush, Bastion and Sunburst.

Ryze Decks

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Ryze Seraphine

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Ryze by himself is a walking value machine, due to the creation of the Global Runes and because he has an Origin which allows you to add diverse spells in your deck. Now join him with Seraphine, the seed of chaos is planted, right?

If you are not winning the game with Seraphine copying a lot of spells, you will win the game with Ryze literally destroying the enemy Nexus.

This one has everything to be one of those very fun and crazy decks, with a lot of value generation and making every game different from the other.

Ryze Ionia

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Ryze is so strong that he can play very well by himself, without being accompanied by any champion and this deck brings this mage in Ionia, which, among many strong spells, there is Deny, which can protect Ryze from any threat.

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To help this champion stall games, this deck counts with Eye of the Dragon, which is practically a champion, right? And Vastayan Disciple, which will help you draw cards and find what you wish to make your game plan work correctly.

Final Thoughts

So, which of these decks caught your eye the most? I confess I'm very excited to play with Kayle Poppy and Ryze Seraphine. These will be the first decks I will try out on wednesday.

What about you? Tell me all about it in the comment section and see you next time!

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