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Speculating when will Star Guardian Skins come to LoR

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This article especulates about the arrival of Star Guardians in LoR and the champions who might get skins from this skinline!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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The Star Guardian skinline is one of the most popular in League of Legends, and it has been confirmed that in July there will be a big event bringing new cosmetics, both to LoL and Wild Rift.

However, so far we don't have any confirmation about these skins arrival in Legends of Runeterra, but there are some clues that make me believe that Star Guardians will also come to LoR. Check it out:

Clues about the arrival of Star Guardians in Lor

The first clue is that every time there are big events in LoL, they also come to LoR. The biggest examples are the KDA, Spirit Blossom and Ruination events. It's worth mentioning that at the time of the first two events, there weren't even skins in LoR yet, and even so there were event passes with many cosmetic rewards such as emotes, guardians, and cardbacks. That being so, it is very likely that an event pass will also come with the Star Guardian theme for LoR.


In LoR's roadmap, revealed in february, there is the information that we will have an event pass in July, but its theme wasn't revealed, it is just described as an"Expansion Event Pass". July, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, is the month in which the Star Guardians will come to other Riot's games, so I believe that this LoR pass will be of the same theme and it just didn't have its theme revealed to surprise us, as the Star Guardian skin line is very loved and has been awaited for LoR.

LoR champions which have Star Guardian skins in League

Now that this part of the discussion about the coming of the event at all is over, let's go to the part I like the most: theorize the champions that might get skins in LoR! Firstly, it is important for you to know all the champions that are in LoR which have Star Guardian skins in League. They are:

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In each icon's outline, I put colors which indicate the probability of each champion to get the same skin in LoR, being green a strong "very likely", the light green "likely" and red "unlikely". Yet, I will justify each case individually, so you can understand it better:


Very likely. Besides being leader of one of the teams, she has a main plot connection in the skins' lore.


Very likely. If he didn't get a Pulsefire skin in LoR, which is a line where he is very important, it is likely that this happened because he was already set to get the Star Guardian skin and Riot wasn't planning on releasing two consecutive skins for the same champion.


Unlikely. She just got the Arcane skin in the game and in LoR it isn't very common for a champion to get many skins in a short period of time.


Very likely. Besides being the first star guardian skin released for League, Lux is very loved by Riot and so far only has one skin in LoR.


Very Likely. She still doesn't have a skin in LoR and she is well-played, so now might be the time for her to get her first skin.

Miss Fortune

Unlikely. Her Arcade skin came just a few weeks ago in LoR, so I believe that it will be a while before she gets a skin again.


Likely. This one I don't strongly believe to come, but it might catch us by surprise.


Very likely. It is the same case as Lulu's, though not so much played. But yet, it might be a good opportunity for Riot to bring out her skin to LoR and get players to play her more.


Likely. In matters of lore, she is quite important in this line! I didn't put her in very likely because she has shied away from play in LoR and I don't know Riot's opinion about this champion.

Champions who might get exclusive skins for the Star Guardian skinline in LoR

As always, besides existing skins, there will be new and exclusively made for LoR skins, so let's get to my bets and their justifications for each one next:

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She matches the theme a lot and has been played a lot in many decks.



Ashe has been in the game since Beta and still doesn't have a skin! That is reason enough for her to get a Star Guardian skin.


Besides not being played as much, I think Karma would match this theme a lot.


Same as Karma.


Same as Karma and Leona, but here we have another argument: Nami still doesn't have a skin! So I think she becomes even more likely to get a skin than the other two.


Senna is quite popular in LoR and still doesn't have a skin, so I bet she is close to getting one. If not Star Guardian, it will be in another theme very soon.


Here is the same case as Senna's. Since Pulsefire I am a firm believer that she will get her first skin, but hasn't happened yet. Perhaps now is the time and we will get a Star Guardian Sivir?


Extremely popular in LoR and matches the theme a lot!


I also think she matches the theme, but as she isn't as played in LoR, I don't know if it can happen.

Final Thoughts

Are you excited as I am for Star Guardians?! This is my favorite skinline and I'm very anxious that they finally come to LoR!

Of all the champions I mentioned, which ones do you think are most likely to come to the game? Tell me all about it in the comments! ;)