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Zoe Leona Aurelion Sol Deck Tech - Perfect for you to climb the ladder!

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Get to know the Leona Aurelion Sol list, a match that came to with the latest Daybreak buffs and that can guarantee you a few points in the ranked queue!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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General view of Leona Aurelion Sol

Though Leona and Aurelion Sol have the same region, just like Zoe, they were never a good match due to the lack of synergy in their effects. But, due to the buffs and reworks that altered a few cards such as Sun Guardian, this combination of champions became viable - even though one doesn't depend on the other to bring victory to both.

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Leona by her own already establishes a very consistent and solid mid game, as her new effect, with patch 3.16, of getting barrier every time you activate a daybreak card brought her back into the meta. What makes her even more powerful is the presence of Rahvun, Daylight's Spear on board, as with his effect, every card with Daybreak summoned will activate the leveled Leona's barrier and her ability Solar Flare, therefore controlling the whole enemy board.


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With an early and mid game stable due to the presence of Sun Guardian and Rahvun, your late game is due for a guaranteed victory, as until turn 10 your Sun Guardian will be extremely buffed after activating so many Daybreak effects. With a summoned Aurelion Sol, it is only a matter of waiting the round to end so he can get his level 2.

As for Zoe, she becomes the cherry on top in case you can get her level 2, as she will share the keywords of any card you summon to the whole board, and with Aurelion Sol creating a Celestial card each turn costing 0, this can be impossible to deal with.

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Deck's Units

Let's go to early game. It is important to always try to keep in hand a Solari Soldier, guaranteeing therefore a Daybreak turn 1.

As for turn 2 we have 3 very viable options, as you can summon units according to whatever's on the enemy board. If you want to prevent it from attacking, summon Solari Sunhawk, or if you don't have it on your hand, Solari Shieldbearer is a good option to tank some damage.

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With the arrival of turn 3, we also have the arrival of the card that might be the most problematic to your enemy: we have Sun Guardian. and this is essential to keep on your board, as you can even avoid defending with it and even attacking with it so soon in combat, and lastly we have Solari Priestess, being one of the very useful options just by activating her Daybreak. As for Solari Sunforger, costing 4, is a card that could be buffed, if it could get Lifesteal for the rest of the match, but even though it only has it for one round, it is a good unit to activate Daybreak and give you extra health points in case you took some damage the earlier rounds.

This way, it is possible to come to turn 5 with a leveled summoned Leona. However, you can also clearly opt for Rahvun, Daylight's Spear, as he creates a Daybreak card in hand.

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It's worth mentioning also the presence of Eclipse Dragon, because its Daybreak effect is quite useful to get Aurelion Sol down on turn 8. If we add up from turns 3 to 7, 5 Daybreak effects were activated, in case we have activated only 1 per round, which makes your Sun Guardian 7/8. If we add up with the power of other units on board too, your Aurelion Sol has a guaranteed level up before turn 11.

An interesting observation here is that with Rahvun, Daylight's Spear on board, you can activate more than one Daybreak in the same round, making possible to also get a bunch of the ability Solar Flare in case you have a leveled Leona on board too.


Here there aren't many secrets: the few spells in this deck focus around your daybreak units being summoned.


With that, we have the presence of Guiding Touch, which gives you extra health to survive the initial turns or guarantee your units staying on board. Pale Cascade also has almost the same role, which when used adequately, allows you an extra draw.

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We also have Hush, Single Combat and Concerted Strike, which have as their main focus to deal with units or champions that have Challenger or that can slay your Sun Guardian.

And last but not least, we have Sunburst which basically prevents a powerful attack mid game.

Mulligan and Game Style

As this deck's objective is to get to turn 10 with plenty of units on board, as the sum of their power is necessary so that you Aurelion Sol can level up, you must take advantage of the spells present in your deck and also of the leveled Leona, now with her newly obtained barrier, to be able to slay the enemy units on board.

There's also Leona's spell, Leona's Morning Light, which has an interesting effect, but was also "balanced" in patch 3.16. Be very careful when using it: the most prosperous moment to use it is when your opponent can't strike back in the same round.

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The presence of Zoe in this deck is due to her synergy with the Celestial cards that a leveled Aurelion Sol will create every turn, besides her card Behold the Infinite, as each can come with a different effect, be it Elusive, Overwhelm, Lifesteal, Tough, etc.

However, even though this makes your board even more powerful, she is not your win condition. So, don't sacrifice too many spells to keep her alive in case she is a target of removals.

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Favorable Matchups

Ascendants, Braum and Ornn

Because it is a deck with a consistent mid game and late game basically formed by 8 or more power celestial cards, besides the effects Elusive and Overwhelm, the speed in which these decks operate makes you have a certain dominance early game.

Below are some cards that Aurelion Sol creates and that have their cost set to 0 when he is leveled and summoned:

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Of course, it is worth mentioning that in case you begin a match with a very heavy hand, as there are many cards in this deck which cost 5 or more, you will have a certain difficulty in dealing with early game threats. But, aside from this detail, the deck still manages to deal very well against slower decks.

Unfavorable Matchups

Heimerdinger Norra, Nami Lee Sin

Leona Asol, because it needs a very stable early and mid game, has a lot of difficulty against decks that work really well since the very beginning, such as Norra and her portals.

As you need to keep your units on board so your Aurelion Sol can flip, a deck that has a very strong late game with the presence of Heimerdinger and his 0 cost turrets with 8 power can hinder your strategy a lot.


Additionally, facing a Nami Lee Sin deck, then, is a very arduous task! With the amount of buffs that Nami herself can share to her allies, besides the spells, can make your match quite frustrating.

Tips on how to face them:

With your spells in the deck, you can deal with the threat that the leveled Lee Sin can offer to your units and champions, and you might be able to prevent an attack using a Concerted Strike or a Hush, which can remove all buffs from him.

In case you can survive this quite aggressive mid game, you will be able to deal with the rest of the match safely, as you summon your Aurelion Sol created Celestial cards on board.

Final Thoughts

If you like a deck that brings safety in almost every match, with the good feeling of summoning celestial cards with effects and very powerful buffs, this is the deck for you.

Most matches become very fun and pleasant to play, that is without mentioning the fact that this deck's structure can take you to a very high rank. Another observation is that you can opt to take out Zoe from your deck and put in another Aurelion Sol. However, as it was mentioned, Zoe really is the icing on the cake!

I confess that lately I have been playing this deck a lot, so I felt the need to bring this Deck Tech to you guys. After all, I can't have fun all by myself!

Test it out and tell me your opinion in the comment section. See you next time!