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Champions that don't have skins yet and guesses to which skins they'll get!

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In this article you will see a bit about which are the 32 LoR champion which still don't have skins and check out some guesses about their future ones!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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Currently in Legends of Runeterra there are 100 playable champions and since the introduction of skins in Patch 2.8 which came out in May of 2021, 68 champions have received skins. Some, by the way, have gotten 2 and there are even champions with 3 skins (Jinx, Caitlyn and Shyvana). But not all of them have this honor and currently there are 32 champions which still haven't got one skin in the game.

I compiled all these poor champions without skins and then I looked at the skin lines they show up most in League of Legends. The goal is to speculate which lines might show up in LoR soon and make guesses for the "leftover champions".


With that in mind, I did some crazy math and the final result is this one you can check out now:

Lunar Revel

Sejuani, Tahm Kench, Viego and Jarvan IV

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Every beginning of the year, following up on the Chinese New Year tradition, League tends to bring cosmetics in this theme. Additionally, in Lor, there is a Year of the Ox board and some card backs and emotes originally with this theme, but we still don't have any skins from this skin line in the game.

That being so, I collected some champions that have skins from this line and still don't have any skins in LoR. They are: Sejuani, Tahm Kench, Viego and Jarvan IV.

It is quite curious that Viego and Sejuani still haven't gotten a skin yet, as both have been quite popular and have seen a lot of play in the meta. Will we finally see some skins for these two in the next Lunar Revel?

Blood Moon

Kayn, Master Yi, Kalista, Tryndamere and Twisted Fate

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The Blood Moon skin line is very popular and plenty of champions have skins with this theme, many which are in LoR already and I believe it is quite likely that we will see Blood Moon skins coming soon.

Out of those who haven't gotten a skin in LoR yet though they have a Blood Moon skin in League, we have Master Yi, Kalista, Tryndamere and Twisted Fate. Kayn is included in this, but his skin is Snow Moon, but as this line also is part of the Blood Moon universe, I added him alongside the others.

April Fools


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In April Riot tends to do tricks and bring joke skins, to let loose and sometimes even fulfill some community wishes. An example of that is the Pajama Guardian Cosplay Urgot Skin, which was released to fulfill the wishes of players who wanted to see Urgot as a Star Guardian.

Other skins which are quite fun from this universe are the ones from the line "Certainly Not", which characterizes champions with disguises. Udyr, who still doesn't have a skin in LoR, has the "Certainly Not Udyr" skin, which for a long time was one of the favorite Udyr Mains' skins in League.

I wonder if this skin comes to LoR it will encourage people to play him more...

Space Groove


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Rumble has a Space Groove skin, which was very popular when it was released in League. It's worth noting that there are other champions which are in LoR (Lux, Lulu, Gwen and Nasus) who also have skins with this line, so I think it is likely it will come to LoR soon.

Cafe Cuties

Annie, Norra, Vladmir and Sivir

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It's even funny to imagine Sivir, which has been in the LoR meta for a long time, still doesn't have a skin in the game. Vladimir, who will soon be rotated out, also doesn't have a skin.

Both of them have a skin in a quite decent skin line in League, which was well received by the public, the Cafe Cuties line. This line also includes Annie, who also doesn't have a skin in LoR.


To finish, I added Norra, who I think would match the theme beautifully. It's worth noting that this champion is a LoR exclusive, so she doesn't have a skin in any of other Riot's titles, but out of the existing lines, I think she would fit best in Cafe Cuties.

Pool Party

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Renekton and Gangplank

Practically every year we have a new batch of Pool Party skins in League, and it's worth noting that this was one of the first lines that were released in LoR.

Since then, we haven't had skins with this theme in the game again, but I believe next year we will have the return of Pool Party skins in LoR and nothing fairer than Renekton and Gangplank getting their first skins, right?


Teemo and Yuumi

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Well, this one I can even imagine: one epic skin for Teemo in which his shrooms become hives and when they hit the enemy Nexus there is a honey spread effect! I don't know about you guys, but I would become a Teemo main after this skin.

Alongside him, Yuubee could come as well, as our kitten still hasn't got a skin in LoR yet. And before I forget to mention: I'm not taking into account Teemo's original skin as a skin, ok?

Immortal Journey


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I think from the name itself you might not remember this line, but it is quite popular, and has beautiful skins such as God Fist Lee Sin, Divine Sword Irelia and Splendid Staff Nami. The new kid on the block, Jax, also has the beautiful God Staff Jax skin, which in my opinion, is one of the best Jax skins there is. It would be nice to see it coming alongside the others I've mentioned, right?


Ornn, Azir and Rek'Sai

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The Elderwood line is part of the Eclipse universe, which is quite extensive and also includes the Eclipse, Coven, and Old God skin lines in its narrative.

This is my favorite skin universe in League and I bet LoR will bring a mega event with the main lines that make up this shared universe.

Out of the Elderwood line, the champions that still don't have LoR skins are Ornn, Azir and Rek'Sai.


Ashe, LeBlanc, Lissandra and Evelynn

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It's time for Coven! Oh, I love this skin line so much! I'm sure that when it comes to LoR, I will spend all my coins to buy all the skins that are made available in the game's store.

Out of the champions who still don't have LoR skins, we have Ashe and LeBlanc, which coincidentally work together in a very well-liked decklist in the community; Lissandra, which has seen a lot of play in the meta and Evelynn, which still hasn't found her place in the game. I believe that if she gets the Coven skin people will start to play her more, so please Riot, make it happen!


Aurelion Sol and Kindred


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We already have Infernal skins in LoR and Aurelion Sol is quoted in most of the texts that are in the skins in game, as he is the Ashen Lord, the main character in this line.


Viktor, Xerath and Illaoi

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I couldn't not mention the futuristic/robotic line that Riot loves so much, right? I picked skins from the Battlecast universe, which also includes the skin lines Resistance and Creator Viktor.

There are a lot of champions which are in LoR which have skins from this line, including some that don't have a skin in the game yet. Out of those that don't have a LoR skin, we have Viktor, Illaoi and Xerath.

Final Thoughts

These are all the champions that still don't have LoR skins and my guesses as to which skins they might get in the future. Which one of them do you want to get a skin as soon as possible? Tell me about it in the comment section! ;)