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Deck Guide: Seraphine Ezreal: Removals, value and burst lethals!

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Get to know and learn how to play one of the strongest decks in the format, a list which creates a lot of value and wins at burst speed!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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General View of the Ezreal Seraphine Deck

When we stop to think about Ezreal and his strongest decks, the main ones we think are Karma Ezreal and Caitlyn Ezreal, but what are the main negative points on those two lists?

Karma took too long to get to her peak power level and Caitlyn brought a lot of removals, but missed out on the infinite value generation.

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With the arrival of Seraphine, Ezreal seems to have found the perfect pairing, as this champion comes down early, has a great body to block against aggressive decks and creates a lot of value.


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That is without even mentioning her level 2 (which is much easier to reach than Karma's), when she becomes one of the strongest champions in the game currently, and with a leveled Ezreal on your side, it is possible to win at burst speed by filling the spell bar and seeing Ezreal fire Mystic Shots at the enemy Nexus non-stop.

Besides plenty of removals, this deck has value engines such as Back Alley Bar, Ferros Financier and Fanclub President, so it is a very strong and consistent list.

Deck's Units

This list is focused on spells, so it has just a few units, but all which are present here are very important.

The aforementioned Fanclub President is a unit that can turn a lot of games in your favor, as it manifests spells from any region in the game that cost 5 or less and also reduces their cost to 2, so a flipped Seraphine will duplicate the spell created by that unit.

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Depending on your luck, you can get a Purrsuit of Perfection and this way, if it is activated and you have a flipped Seraphine on board, you can get 2 Catastrophe down. I'm giving this example because it already happened to me a couple times! Well, maybe I have a bit of luck with this list.

Speaking of manifest, there is one copy of Ferros Financier, which brings spell options that cost 6+ mana from your regions. With that, you can be greedy and go after Glorious Evolution, as this spell will lower the cost of your spells and also combo with Back Alley Bar. Furthermore, every time you play a card, all your units' power points grow in +1, so this spell brings many threats.

The last few units are removal enablers. Arachnoid Sentry, by stunning a unit allows for the use of Ravenous Flock and the Ionian Hookmaster, besides the equipment it brings, activates the double up effect of the new spell The Violent Dischord, which sums up to 2 damage dealt and counts as 2 points for Ezreal's level up.

Deck's Spells

Ok, this part of the article will be long, as spells are the main ingredient in your Seraphine Ezreal soup.

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This list is filled with removals, and among them, I highlight Disintegrate, Scorched Earth and the newest spell High Note. This last one, when Seraphine is leveled, can be doubled and therefore deal 4 damage to a unit and 2 to another. Quite strong, right? Both this spell and Scorched Earth are brought in this deck in one copy only, so they serve to flip Seraphine, as she levels up with new Spells you haven't played yet.

It is quite important to have plenty of one copy spells in this list, as they serve to level up Seraphine and when she is flipped, the ones you haven't played yet will be doubled, so spells tend to be even better. It is Rummage's case, as it draws 4 cards and also Time Trick's case, which predicts twice and draws 2 cards.


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Another highlight is Drum Solo. When flow is activated, it draws 2 cards and reduces their cost by 2 mana, so as the deck has plenty of cheap cards, you can end up using a 0 cost spell.

And speaking of 0 cost spells, Sputtering Songspinner will give you 3 spells (you chose among 2 options of the 3 manifests) costing 2 and reduces their cost to 0, which is great for flipped Ezreal and Seraphine, as she will double the spells and he will fill your enemy's Nexus with damage.

To finish: Blade's Edge, which is a cheap and simple removal; Statikk Shock, which besides removing units, draws 1 card; Mystic Shot, which is pretty obvious and Piltovan Tellstones, which is very versatile and serves to remove your enemy's Back Alley Bars when you're facing a mirror deck.

Mulligan and Play Style

A word that defines this deck's play style is reactivity. You will always wait for your opponent to play something and only then you will respond. Of course there will be moments in which you will have to take the lead. For instance, if there's a Ionian Hookmaster or a Ferros Financier on your hand, you can play them without worrying, as they bring value to your game plan and serve as attackers or blockers.

With your champions, however, it is necessary to think a lot about when to summon them on board. If you're against aggros, Seraphine is a great unit for round 2, as she has 4 health points and can be a great blocker. She also creates a spell, which can be a great help.

Ezreal can also come down early in those matches, because of the constant creation of Mystic Shots via his elusive Nexus strike. Against Demacia, you will hardly play your champions early on board, because this region has a lot of combat tricks and Challenger units. In these matches you will be very responsive and will focus on removing all your opponent's units.

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In mirrors, which are becoming very constant nowadays, it will be basically a cold war, in which whoever hoards more value, wins. Usually in these matchups, I opt to keep Back Alley Bar in hand, as its cost reduction effect is crucial to win matches.

The standard mulligan is to keep Seraphine, Ionian Hookmaster + removals. If you're against slower decks, it is worth it to keep Back Alley Bar and Fanclub President in your initial hand. By the way, I recommend always saving up your mana for the round you summon President, as you will already be able to use the spell it generates in the round you play the unit.

Favorable Matchups

Matches in which your opponent depends a lot on units to win their matches, the Seraphine Ezreal list shines, as most of those decks don't have protection spells that stop the powerful Noxus and Piltover & Zaun removals, so this deck can win against Lurk, Vayne Rumble and Annie Jhin.

Unfavorable Matchups

Seraphine paired with Noxus has a lot of trouble winning against other versions of the decks with this champion.


Seraphine Viktor with Ionia? No. Seraphine Viktor with Shadow Isles? Very unlikely. Seraphine Zoe Aphelios? Absolutely no way!

Though Noxus and P&Z have many ways to remove units, it doesn't have as many value engines. It even has Back Alley Bar and Fanclub President, but that's it.

Whereas regions such as Targon, are much stronger when it comes to value engines, so they take the lead. To sum up, Seraphine Ezreal performs really well against most decks, but loses to Seraphine variants.

Final Thoughts

Have you played Seraphine and Ezreal together? What do you think about it? I'm playing a lot with this list and I climbed from Platinum 3 to Diamond 3 with it. The next step is Masters! Let me know in the comment section what you thought of the article and also leave your deck suggestion for next deck guides! ;)