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Deck Tech Elise Nocturne Aggro: A Spider Nightmare

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Get to know more about this Aggro Nocturne deck which counts with the help of the Violent Elise's Pet Spiders, and can awe opponents in the ranked queue!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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Nocturne has never been stronger

Some champions really shine only after some changes in their mechanics, and thanks to some latest alterations in Nocturne, now we see this champion find a consistent home in the meta, paired with Elise, which already shone in other aggressive compositions.

Elise remains a consistent unit and considering the changes to Nocturne, which made him faster, both give Fearsome decks a new look.

Deck's Summary: Frightening Board

You will use every turn to fill your board and focus on the enemy Nexus, however sometimes mid game you might end up missing some damage to end the matches, maybe due to being unlucky and not finding the smaller mana curve units you needed.


This will end up being the right time to drop Nocturne, whose Fearsome and Nightfall traits will finish the match without contest, guaranteeing a victory.

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With a very interesting body as a blocker and the Fearsome keyword, Elise becomes a very important unit to deal damage to the Nexus the first few rounds and also speed up Nocturne's summoning to the game a little earlier than usual.

Her level up can help guarantee better trades and also deal a bit more damage to the Nexus, but won't be your finishing play most times.


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Because it is a bit limiting, for a while the keyword Nightfall suffered to find its place in the meta, but it's been gathering more and more space in more aggressive decks which are centered around Fearsome, after changes to Nocturne's level up.

Once summoned and leveled, he becomes a very important card for finishing the matches, as it disables potential blockers with its power reduction effect, which in some occasions it might make the enemy board completely vulnerable to direct attacks.


We have many cheap units to play, including Stygian Onlooker and Precious Pet, which are low cost units which will deal a lot of damage without many chances for your opponent to answer them.

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As for Spell Slinger and Doombeast, they will be used to give you some extra time, as normally we will try to not lose units to blocks in the defensive rounds.

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Arachnoid Horror, Frenzied Skitterer and Shrieking Spinner come in with more aggressive roles, helping out other allies on the board deal more damage and they also prevent potential fearsome blockers from holding off Nexus attacks.

Spells and Landmarks

You will use Fading Memories more flexibly throughout the match, by either helping you push out more damage early game or being an important addition to your other units when it's time to finish it off.

Shadow Isles Tellstones enables any removals that your deck might need if the match doesn't end at the right time.

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In a slower start, Stalking Shadows can help you regain some rhythm or find that unit which will help you finish the match, and Vile Feast comes in as a way to regain some health and avoid trading small units.

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As for The Twisted Treeline, it gained a lot of space in this deck due to how many spiders there are in this list and will also be an excellent tool to make them even more powerful.

The Harrowing comes in as a final play when your hand is wasting away, and will bring many Fearsome units in the form of a very tough to deal and very aggressive board.

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Mulligan and Game Style

This deck demands an aggressive posture and having Elise early on board helps grow your number of attackers. By having a solid board, your enemy will be forced to make unfavorable trades, or otherwise take a lot of damage. Nocturne's summoning benefits from summoning as many Fearsome units as possible on board.

As your deck has power reducing and block preventing effects, many times Nocturne's summoning isn't enough to close out a match and so using the Frenzied Skitterer in offensive turns might guarantee more direct damage to the Nexus.

And after that, in case the situation still doesn't look favorable, The Harrowing can save the day by reducing the power of enemy units in up to -3/-0 in some situations with the combined power of the Frenzied Skitterer and Nocturne, in a very difficult to answer combo.

Favorable Matchups


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As this is a slower deck, it might have difficulty dealing with so many units hitting their Nexus and also due to not having units that deal well with Fearsomes. For example, Eye of the Dragon and Dragonling might even help reabsorb some of the damage proposed by aggressive decks, but in the end neither have the status enough to block Fearsomes.


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A deck that could deal well with our units, due to having removals, but it ends up not having units that block Fearsomes effectively and is also very vulnerable to massive attacks.

In many situations, Twisted Fate's summoning can hurt a lot, as it is a slow but very effective answer against the aggression you will summon on your board as the Spiders deck.

Unfavorable Matchups


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This deck has the tool that usually makes the aggro deck's life difficult: lots of healing options.

Targon comes filling this deck with spells and units that can fill this role and also has interesting tools to transform unfavorable trades into favorable ones against Fearsome units, for example, they can grow a Saga Seeker or a Wounded Whiteflame, and on top of that it also carries Guiding Touch, which can create a snowball effect that will be hard to deal with.


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Fiora has always been a nightmare for smaller units which she can easily slay and the latest changes to this champion allowed her to come back to the meta in full force.

Mountain Goat also creates a lot of value here, by creating Gems in hand, which can grow some very hard to remove enemy units.

Change Suggestions

The landmark, The Twisted Treeline, can be situational to some players, so a suggestion would be to trade out this card to guarantee more damage via the Malefic Spear, which has nice stats and the Fearsome keyword.

Final Thoughts

A different Elise deck to bring to the ranked ladder, this list surprises some distracted players with Fearsome units which usually cause a lot of trouble to your enemies by forcing out unfavorable trades or forcing your enemy to use their Nexus as a resource, which many times might bring you the victory with little to no answers with the tools that disable enemy blockers.