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LoR for Hearthstone Refugees - Mechanics and Competitive Tools

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This article is a Part 2 in the series that welcomes Refugees from other TCGs who are interested in Legends of Runeterra's competitive scene. Here we'll compare a few of the similar mechanics between games, and I'll also teach you some secrets to get better at tournaments!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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Complete Guide to Hearthstone and other TCGs Refugees - Mechanics and Tools for the Competitive Scene

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Due to the success of the first Complete LoR Guide for other TCGs Refugeeslink outside website, I decided to write a part 2, going deeper into the details about the similar mechanics and Tournament performances, the competitive scene and talk about some tools I particularly like to use to get better at the game. Let's go!


Translating Hearthstone Mechanics to LoR

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Every digital card game uses keywords to represent the effects of its cards, but some mechanics can be very similar or even identical from one game to another, save for their different names.

I propose we analyze Hearthstone's mechanics and keywords and compare them to Runeterra's.

Same keywords, but with different names or some additional effect

Battlecry: In LoR, we use "Play".

Units that have a "Play" effect don't activate their effects if they are summoned onto the board without being directly played from hand. And some units have a variant of the "play" effect, in which the card effect goes to the stack. That is described in a small bubble at the beginning of the effect.

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Combo: In LoR, we use "Nightfall". The card only activates its effect if you have played a card before in that round.

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Deathrattle: In LoR, we use "Last Breath". The card activates its effect when it is destroyed. Obliterated cards don't activate their "Last Breath" effect.

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Discover: In LoR, we use "Manifest". You select a card from three randomly created cards in your hand and create a copy of it.

In LoR, unlike Hearthstone, you can manifest any cards, without a region restriction. In Hearthstone, you can only create cards from your class and neutral cards, except if the effect in question allows for the creation of cards from another class.

But, in Runeterra, the effects always make clear from which set of cards your random card is being selected from.

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Divine Shield: In LoR, we use "Barrier". However, there is a big difference, as in Legends of Runeterra, Barrier only lasts one turn. And in Hearthstone, "Divine Shield" is permanent until the unit suffers damage.

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Lifesteal: In LoR, we use "Lifesteal". By dealing damage, the units heal the Nexus by the same amount.

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Silence and Magnetic: In LoR, we use "Silence". All keywords, abilities and active effects are disabled. Attached units* and equipment can't be silenced.

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*Units with attach are cards which, when played from your hand, allow you to choose from playing it as a regular unit, or attaching it to an ally unit, working as a "Magnetic" unit from Hearthstone.

However, when you connect two units in Legends of Runeterra, the health and power stats, plus the keywords, are transferred to the attached ally. But if it is by any chance destroyed, the attached unit goes back into your hand.

In case the attached unit is obliterated, the unit with the attach effect is also obliterated. Equipment works the same way.

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Similar Keywords

Taunt: In LoR, you can consider all units have "taunt". Units that can't block attacks are highlighted with this text and the symbol for "Can't block". Landmarks also can't block.


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Can't be targeted by spells, or Hero powers: In LoR, we have the equivalent of this with the "Spell Shield" effect, and the follower denies the next spell or skill that would affect it.

In Runeterra itself, this keyword can be compared to "barrier", but only for spells, with the key difference of Spell shield lasting permanently, or until a spell affects the units with this keyword.

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Freeze: In LoR, "Frostbite" instead of preventing a unit from attacking, it zeroes the attack numbers in that allied unit.

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Immune: In LoR, we use the following text — "Can't take damage or die."

The difference between these effects is that in Hearthstone, the Immune unit can't be the target of card interactions with the opponent, be them spells or attacks. In Runeterra, the unit can still be the target of spells and attacks, but it can't die or take damage.

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Famous Keywords in LoR that you need to know

Quick Attack — When attacking, the unit deals damage before its blocker.

This, certainly, is the most commonplace keyword in the whole game, because Runeterra is very focused on who's attacking and who's blocking. This effect is very important to make low stat cards be aggressive, and not stopped by just any low stat card as well.

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Elusive — Elusive units can only be blocked by elusive units.

This is the most hated keyword of all times. Elusive cards usually have very low stats, but as not every deck has elusive units to block other elusive units, usually the only way to remove them from the board is with spells.

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Overwhelm — The exceeding damage the unit deals to its blocker goes through to the enemy Nexus.

As all units in Legends of Runeterra can serve as blockers, to prevent a 1/1 unit from always being available to block a 10/10 unit, there is Overwhelm. This way, not every low stat unit can stop this attack.

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Important Tools to Compete in LoR Tourneys

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To have the best competitive experience in Legends of Runeterra possible, I recommend you use the tools and websites listed below, so let's talk a bit about them.


Runeterra.ARlink outside website is a great website to check out stats for a deck's win rate and play rate.

Here you can check out what is being played the most in the current metagame, and even which matchups are good or bad for your list. However, the best part is that the entire website works as a social media, in which you have your feed, but instead of memes or people complaining about nothing, you have LoR decks.

You can like, share, comment on and copy decks to play in game, and even create deck images as highlights, so you can post them on other social medias.


That is without mentioning, you can follow the profile of professional players and content creators, to check out what they are playing. Which lists are they creating, and what win rate percentage are they having with these decks. You can also check out your own match history and check out your own stats.

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Deck Tracker — LoR Master Tracker

LoR Master Trackerlink outside website is an app created by masters for future masters. This Tracker is a community-led project by international players Storm and FlyingFish. Together, they created the best experience a tracker can give us in Legends of Runeterra.

But what is a "Deck Tracker"?

Every digital card game needs a "deck tracker", as it is a tool that allows you to visualize very easily all the cards that you have in hand, in the deck and the cards that you already played.

That is without mentioning, it also shows the cards your opponent has played, and created. *Everything you could do with paper and pen, but in a very optimized and automatic way." You can even check out what are the odds of you drawing a certain card.

LoR Master Tracker is brilliant because it monitors the ranked ladder in real time. Very easily you can check out what the best players are using, how many League Points they managed to get with those decks, and how long ago was their last game with that list.

You can also check out win rates of the player's highlighted decklist, and filter the app to show the players who are most gaining LP in the ranked ladder at that exact moment. And you can also do all of that and filter it by server too. Do you want to know who's the player winning the most games on the Asian server? Just click one button.

This app is the best for analyzing the chaotic rhythm with which the Legends of Runeterra's meta builds itself, and always keep up with what's going on. Other apps, sometimes, take up to two days to show you a rising decklist in the meta, which has just come up and is very strong. With LoR Master Tracker, you can find out in real time.

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Mastering Runeterra - Ban Helper

One of the main difficulties for a competitive player day-to-day is not knowing which enemy deck to ban. With Mastering Runeterra's Ban Helperlink outside website, your problems are over!

This site was created by USA-born players, and there you will find lots of content about Legends of Runeterra and the Ban Helper app. This app helps you visualize very easily the win rates your lineup has against the enemy lineup.

Just type out which decks you and your enemy are taking to the tournament, and there you go. Now, you can easily analyze which enemy deck is stronger against your lineup.

This app is also great when you're not playing a tournament, but may have many doubts. For instance, is a full aggressive lineup good against my lineup? You can go to Ban Helper and find out.


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Places to find out about Grassroots Tournaments

There are a lot of LoR tournaments happening in many different regions every day. In these tournaments, it is very common to find high level, very popular players, testing their lineups and decks for official tournaments. So keep an eye out: if you also want to compete in a high level, you have to play against the best!

@LoR_Santupea92 's Twitter Profile — As mentioned in Part 1 of this article, Santupea is a deity from the international community. In (https://twitter.com/LoR_Santupea92)(his profile), you find any and every information about the Legends of Runeterra competitive scene. And you can be sure: if there are any new grassroots tournaments happening, you'll find out through his Twitter.

Cards Realm's Runeterra Royale — Here at Cards Realm we also have community tournaments, every Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, for the Brazilian scene. With a coin prize pool and a live broadcast through our YouTube channel, the registration is made through Cards Realm's own website: click here and find out morelink outside website!

Cards Realm

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Here you find the best articles about curiosities, meta, and news about Legends of Runeterra. If you liked this article, remember, this article is the part 2 of a Welcoming Series for other TCG players who are interested in LoR's competitive scene.

In case you haven't read part 1, I recommend you take a look at it: by clicking herelink outside website!

If you enjoyed this part 2, don't forget to comment and share it on social media. See you all soon!