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LoR: Top 5 Worst Titanic Cards

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In this article, we'll discuss the top 5 worst Titanic cards in LoR! Titanic units were introduced alongside Volibear in the last expansion, and, even though they are gigantic, some are extremely weak. Let's see which are the worst ones.

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With the arrival of Volibear, now all cards that have a +8 stat somewhere are considered Titanic units. Some cards were even buffed to take on this title. Even then, there are several Titanic units in Runeterra that are extremely weak.

Let's discuss the 5 worst Titanic units, and explain why these cards are so bad.

5 - Kadregrin The Infernal

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Kadregrin The Infernal became a meme in the Runeterra community as it is the Boss card in the Dragon archetype, but it is the worst Dragon in the entire game. Kadregrin saw some competitive play, but just in very low-tier decks. The lists that brought it always brought some card that discounted its cost, or summoned Kadregrin from hand by using Spectral Matron. Even then, its effect of granting +4/+4 globally to all Dragons is too weak for such an expensive unit.


Kadregrin's greatest issue is costing 9 mana. Cards that cost this much should finish the game, or at least have some extremely strong immediate effect that changes the course of the match. However, the only thing you get when you play this gigantic Dragon is sadness, because, as much as its stats are good, its effect makes no difference at all in the match.

If you win a match when playing the Dragon archetype, you probably won't even reach turn 9 to play your Kadregrin The Infernal.

4 - Rhasa The Sunderer

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Unlike Kadregrin The Infernal, Rhasa The Sunderer saw a lot of competitive play in Beta and early in the Rising Tides expansion. This card gradually disappeared as it simply aged badly, considering the Runeterra we play today. That means the game nowadays doesn't accommodate Rhasa's preferred game style, because, besides being very difficult to activate its effect at the right time, many times destroying your opponent's two smaller units is irrelevant.

Rhasa supports a game style that is a bit too slow and responsive, and not at all common in Runeterra anymore, not even in the Eternal format. Nowadays, decks prefer to be more straightforward and be certain of which unit they're removing from the board.

Even though Rhasa's effect isn't random, you can't guarantee you'll destroy the units you want. Buffs are very common even in slower lists, and that really influences Rhasa's popularity.

Imagine the following scenario: you finally manage to activate your Rhasa's effect and your opponent buffs one of the targeted units. Now it is no longer one of the smaller units on the board. Not to mention we haven't even discussed the very expensive deckbuilding cost this card has.

For you to use Rhasa's effect, you need an ally unit to have died on that same turn. So, you need to build your list around that, because you must have units on board, and somehow they must die to destroy your opponent's board. At the end of the day, it isn't worth it to play Rhasa if in this same region we already have Vengeance.

3 - Sanctum Conservator

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This unit has one of the strongest effects in the entire game: you destroy your opponent's whole board, and summons a copy of this 8/5 unit with Fearsome. There's only one problem with all of this - it is almost impossible to slay 13 units during a match. Actually, you can even do that frequently if you're playing Nasus Senna, for instance, but you'll soon realize that, even in this deck, which is prepared to meet Sanctum Conservator's requirement, this card is still terrible.

When you have slain 13 units, you've probably already won the game a long time before this unit can come down, and your opponent will most likely not have any unit on board for you to destroy. That means you'll usually just destroy 1 or 2 units at most. Something you'd already do with your Nasus Senna deck anyhow, spending less mana.

Sanctum Conservator's effect becomes redundant very easily in the archetypes it plays, and is also quite mediocre, considering Nasus is a much more efficient finisher in these lists.


2 - Thrumming Swarm

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This card tries to reinforce Shurima's region identity of focusing on and working with level 2 champions. This card's main issue is that it tries to be a finisher for an archetype that is already focused on supporting its level 2 champions, which already are finishers. Which means, why would you bring in your deck an 7-cost card with Overwhelm that recycles itself only if you leveled a champion, if you'd rather protect your champion with the mana it costs?

It doesn't make any sense for this unit to go in any Shurima list, as we'll hardly take advantage of its effect. It doesn't even recycle itself from hand with its cost reduced or an additional bonus effect or something of the sort, like Wrought Colossus.

This unit will probably never see play if Shurima continues to be this region that focuses on leveling its champions and using them as its main win condition.

1 - The Zaun Diva

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Grabbing the first spot, we have The Zaun Diva, and it is incredible how bad this card is. Unfortunately, this unit will never see play, even though it has one of the coolest animations in the whole game. The problem with this unit is in its high cost, considering it has such a mediocre effect. You need to play 6+ different spells to deal 3 damage to your opponent's whole board.

Piltover & Zaun is a region that doesn't have cards that clear the board easily, but it is still a region that can work with its other tools really well, even though it doesn't have that. And, as a result, The Zaun Diva unfortunately doesn't fit into any strategy in any deck with this region.

Not to mention playing 6+ new spells is very different from playing 6+ new cards. It is much slower, and you'll usually not have her effect ready by the time she can be played, not even if you're using the best Seraphine decks in the whole meta.

This card is also the worst option of all to get from the spell Clash of Giants, as it doesn't have any keywords, besides not having any continuous effect.

Final Words

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If you've read this far, now you know which are the top 5 worst Titanic units in LoR.

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