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Nami Lee Sin Deck Tech: A must-have in any line-up!

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Get to know and understand the deck that has been dominating the meta! With the arrival of the Ionian Hookmaster and equipment, we have a new and stronger combination.

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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General View of the Deck

Equipment really did gave a new face to Legends of Runeterra!

Nami and Lee Sin have never been paired together, but with the arrival of Ionian Hookmaster, which allows the duplication of the (also new) spell Momentous Choice, the combination of these two champions became quite strong. If both champions are summoned and on board alongside Fleet Admiral Shelly, with just 1 mana you can buff your whole board with Shelly, activate both barrier and challenger to Lee Sin and still buff two more allies with Nami.


At burst speed! Besides Momentous Choice, the deck also takes full advantage of the spell Wuju Style, which has a lot of synergy with this deck's protagonists.

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Main Units

Regarding units, the most problematic and most important is Fleet Admiral Shelly. The effect of this unit of buffing all other units with the use of 2 spells doesn't have a round limitation, so for as long as you have spells, it will grow your board. This deck has a lot of very cheap spells as the already cited Momentous Choice, Wuju Style and some others that are created by Wiggly Burblefish.

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Burblefish, by the way, is another unit quite strong, because it can be summoned on board costing 0 and also creates a random 1 cost spell from your regions. Ionia has a great amount of 1 cost spells that are great, so depending on your luck, Burblefish can win many matches with the spells it creates.

Ionian Hookmaster, as I talked about before, is the one responsible for making Momentous Choice be played again onto the unit that you choose. Besides that, it brings very strong equipment, that if put in the right units, can wreak havoc. Among the equipment choices, the best one for this deck are: Combat Reel, Fishawhack and Upcycled Rake.

Finally, there's Coral Creatures, which besides its attune, also brings 1 cost spells and is a nice blocker for aggro match ups, and Vastayan Disciple, which transforms into Shimon Wind when it hits the nexus, and this is a low cost spell that can help with your mana management to make Nami level up and also enables card draw!

Deck's Spells

I've talked a lot about Momentous Choice and Wuju Style, so I'll leave them aside and focus on other spells in this deck.

This list brings the best of Ionia, so there are copies of Deny and Ionian Tellstones, which is one of the best in the game. Health Potion almost always is one of the choices made, because it only costs 1 and is a burst spell, so it can be used in an open attack to make Nami grow her units and deal even more damage!

Another option that can catch your opponent by surprise is Stand United. Though it is expensive, it allows you to swap your attackers in place and deal more damage! Finish up these Tellstones, there is Homecoming, which can be an answer to removals or even be used proactively to return a problematic enemy unit.

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Eye of Nagakabouros is a must have in any deck that brings Bilgewater, isn't it? Well, this list also has copies of this spell and its use is to bring back more resources with the card draw that this spell enables.

Other spells from this region in the deck are Double Trouble, which is very important for Nami's level up and Heavy Metal, which removes equipment from units and does damage to them on top of it. This is a very strong spell that can be decisive in specific match ups!


Mulligan and Playstyle

I always keep Nami and Double Trouble in hand, and when I'm against slower decks I also leave Shelly. Coral Creatures and the Ionian Tellstones, besides the Double Trouble itself, are great choices to keep in hand when your opponent is using aggressive decks.

Though your play style will change depending on the deck that you're up against, Nami Lee Sin's game plan is almost always the same: get by the first 2 turns and on the third round use a spell that spends all your spell mana, so that by turn 4 Nami is already close to level up.

Usually the spell that you use at turn 3 is Double Trouble, because it brings 2 units that might be very useful as blockers. However, in case you have a hand without Nami or Double Trouble, you will have to play another way, without considering the mana matter a lot and focus on finding your other key combo pieces. So using Vastayan Disciple + Shimon Wind thoroughly is a great idea and Coral Creatures might also help you in this early game.

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Lee Sin comes as a secondary win condition. In those games in which you don't find Nami, this Ionian champion is the one you need to focus on.

There are many ways of growing his attack and if by chance he has the Overwhelm of Scout equipment, it is very easy to win matches! Besides that as this isn't a deck that focuses only on this champion, there will be many elusive units to deal damage and complete the chaos in your opponent's Nexus.

Favorable Matchups

Feel The Rush, Norra Heimer, Karma Yi

Nami Lee Sin benefits from match ups against decks with a slow rhythm.

This is a deck that wants to pass the first few rounds to store mana and make Nami level up fast, so when the deck on the other side also is used to passing the first rounds or doesn't put that much pressure on the first few rounds, the Nami Lee list is cruising.

So facing Feel the Rush, Norra Heimer and Karma Yi is quite easy and this deck can win most match ups against these lists.

Unfavorable Match Ups

Scouts, Nocturne Elise and Poppy Taric

Now, when Nami Lee faces against decks that summon many units early on and have their game plan focused on "Face is the Place*, it becomes extremely uncomfortable and a lot of patience will be needed, besides thinking a lot while facing these match ups, because one wrong decision can bring you to defeat.

Like so, Nami and Lee don't like facing Scouts, Nocturne Elise and Poppy Taric.

Suggesting other cards

Though this list filters well, there's always a way to get better, right? So I suggest the addition of the cards Deep Meditation and Concussive Palm.

The first card makes you draw spells, because there will be times that there's only units in your hand or reactive spells such as Deny, and a way of drawing other spells is a good idea!

As for Concussive Palm, it can stop units that are dealing a lot of damage or challenging important units such as Shelly and Nami.


But what about TF?

Twisted Fate fits Nami really well and there are versions of this list that bring 2 copies of Lee Sin and 1 of TF. It's up to you to make this addition, but as we are in a meta in which TF Swain is quite popular, you can bring both decks in your line-up and this way explore the potential of Nami and TF in different decks and build a very strong line-up!

Final Thoughts

Nami Lee Sin is one of the strongest decks right now and it is very likely that we will see it all across Seasonals, which happens this week. But what about you, are you going to play it? Or ban it? Tell me about it in the comment section! ;)