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Live Worldwalker: everything about the new Runeterra set

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Legends of Runeterra’s sixth set, Worldwalker, arrives on May 25th, 2022! Here you will see recent updates about this new set: trailer, mechanics, new champions and many more

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The new expansion Worldwalker features four new champions that enable unique deck building rules.

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Worldwalker Patch brings Pulsefire Event

Along with 94 cards, 4 new champions and a new Path of Champions, the Worldwalker update also bring some card changes and a lot of cosmetics.

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Just two cards were changed this patch, both Crackshot Corsair and Imperial Demolitionist received a 0/-1.

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Now, about cosmetics. The update brings Pulsefire Event, with skins, cardbacks, boards, pets and emotes. The complete package. And some of the cosmetics you can get for free just by completing event’s missions.

One important thing that changes with the new update is the seasonal tournament. The next tournament will be happening on a single weekend. The open rounds will be on Saturday and the playoffs on Sunday. So, if you into the competitive side of LoR, keep an eye on the new dates.

To know more details about the new changes and cosmetics take a look at Legends of Runeterra sitelink outside website


New path of champions is coming

As said at the beginning of 2022, Legends of Runeterra will focus on the PvE, and this update already show that. With the Worldwalker update, not only we’ll have new champions card but also a mode update in “Path of Champions”

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The changes will bring: new regions, such as Noxus and Demacia; Unique champions adventures; Permanent progress system; new rewards and more!

The RiotX Arcane, the Zaun and Piltover adventures, will be temporarily be off the game to give space to the new features.

Watch the video explaining everything!

Or see all the details at Legends of Runeterra site.link outside website .


Annie champion enters LOR with her good friend Tibbers

Annie is a child with fire power that is always with her good friend Tibbers. They both are now in Legends of Runeterra.

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Tibbers was an enchanted stuffed bear made by Annie’s mother before she was born, and ever since her favorite toy. One day the mother went missing, and Annie always waited, but she never returned. Later her father met another woman and soon they get together, the new stepmother was afraid of Annie.

One day, after a tragedy, they got in a fight. The stepmom tried to take Tibbers away from Annie and, in the fear of losing the only memory of her actual mother, she screams. Everything gets on fire, and as soon as the fire is over Annie realizes she’s now orphan, with only Tibbers by her side. So now, more than ever, they became inseparable.

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It’s clear that Annie has a synergy with Jhin, because they both have almost the same level up condition and effects. But Annie can be more aggressive for having a low mana cost. Not only she will probably work at fast aggros deck, but also at a mid range aggro, because, as soon as she levels up, she creates a Tibbers in hand, that can be use later in the game

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With Annie we now have all the 4 champions and the 94 new cards of the Worldwalker setlink outside website update coming on May 25, 2022. So stay tuned for more announcements


Bard is the new Legends of Runeterra Champion

Bard is an eternal, celestial and musical being and now is the new Legends of Runeterra champion.

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He once a traveler beyond the stars, looking for his purpose, util he starts to hear notes, beautiful and chaotic. It was the notes of Runeterra. He no longer has eyes, just ears to hear all the music that Runeterra plays, and with these notes, he can hear what is wrong and what is right. Usually called as the caretaker, his mission is to keep everything in Its place, and keep the melody going as beautiful as it has to be.

In League of Legends Bard is a support, and his passive it’s called “Meep”, it consists in chimes that restore mana and life for the allies and applies damage for the enemies. Bard came to Legends of Runeterra with a similar effect.

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Frist of all its important to say that, like Jhin, Bard don’t have a region and has the keyword “Origin”. In this case, this keyword permit you to put any card that interact with trap Chime, despites its region.

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Bard mechanics allows you to put trap Chime on your deck. It work like Teemo’s trap, but for the good, instead of deal damage to your nexus once you buy the trap, trap Chime give +1/+1 to an ally in hand. And once he level up you can also give +1/+1 to allies in play.

There's already more than 80 new card of the new update thats coming 25, May, 2022, and there's still one new champion to go.

Click here to see all the new cards of Worldwalker set.link outside website


Where to find spoilers

More than 60 cards were already spoiled. You can visualize all the cards in the Worldwalker setlink outside website page here in Cards Realm.


Jhin and Illaoi revealed

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The first two champions were revealed and they are Jhin and Illaoi! Here we talk about our first impressions and how to play with those cardslink outside website.


Worldwalker Cinematic Trailer